To mark the launch of SPUN – Society for the Protection of Underground Networks, I’m releasing the mycorrhizal fungi-related sections of my new film This Entangled Land, which features an interview I did with co-founder of SPUN and mycorrhizal fungi expert, Prof. Toby Kiers, about fungal networks in soil. I’ll be doing a live podcast session with Prof. Kiers on 30th September 2022 as part of the De Hortus Fungi Trail programme at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. The whole of This Entangled Land will be screened on Saturday, 1 October at RADIUS Center for Art and Ecology, Delft, where Prof. Toby will also give a talk on SPUN. I’ve been drawing on Kiers Lab research for many years, particularly in relation to my project Producers-Parasites-Hosts 2012-2018 (see elsewhere on this site).