Annabel Howland's work navigates artistic, anthropological, ecological and geographical themes and symbioses. Underpinned by extensive research, she investigates her subjects from different angles in different media and in conversation with experts from different fields. Passing this research through a range of materials and artistic languages opens up new spaces for the audience, for imagination and for nuanced reflection. Annabel's work often takes on the rhythm of longer-term projects, finding its form through drawing, film, photography and sound presented in installations, exhibitions and events in a variety of settings. The form she chooses for the work depends on what she thinks is appropriate to the subject, to the physical, temporal and cultural context in which the work will be seen, and to the kinds of artistic encounters and interactions a particular medium can generate for the audience. In working closely with scientists, Annabel is not interested in illustrating or mimicking their work, but in exploring the objective and subjective implications of it through art. In this way, artists and scientists can complement each other's work and open up paths of awareness and sensitivity.